Managed Print Services

Why does your organization need MPS?
There are many reasons that MPS can enhance your business and security that you might not be aware of.  Cost is often the main driver for looking into MPS however the value received through MPS may touch many other areas of your enterprise. 
There is no way to understand the positive effects of MPS on your organization until you have an MPS assessment done by Image 2000.  This is the first step in learning where and how MPS can improve and enhance your document environment.
Some of the key areas to consider are:

  • Escalating costs created by your existing print and copy infrastructure
  • Eliminating hidden cost of printing, equipment, and business processes
  • Increased requirements to reduce general business expenses
  • Pressures to improve bottom line revenues and increase margins
Governance Issues
  • Most organizations may not have a grasp on their existing print infrastructure
  • Cannot track or measure print environment productivity
  • Manage an ever growing population of mobile print devices
  • Lack of any firm MPS management strategy
Strategy, Management, Marketability
  • Increase efficiency and reduce paper
  • Understand how printed documents are used and distributed
  • What are my customer’s needs that create new documents and work flow requirements
  • How can we increase efficiency to become more competitive
  • How do we maintain the highest degree of security without inhibiting work flow
Choosing your MPS Partner.
Cloud Based applications and mobile devices as well as the increasing consumerization of IT and the impact of social media on business applications are creating both new opportunities and new pain points related to document ad information management. 
An increasingly mobile workforce presents additional challenges.  Many organizations partner with third party providers to acquire new competencies related to print and workflows. 
You are considering engaging with a managed print services (MPS) provider.  Or perhaps you are in the process of evaluating providers.  What are the factors that will ensure the success of your MPS initiative? 
What should you expect from your provider?  What are the most important steps toward achieving your organizational goals?
Evaluation – Your MPS partner conducts a comprehensive assessment of the current state of your organization’s print, work flow and document security. 
Based on the results of the assessment, your MPS partner will create a detailed optimization plan to include projected cost savings along with recommended solutions and services.
Transition – your organization will seamlessly convert from the current unproductive state to the proposed organized MPS controlled process. 
Image 2000 will implement a phased approach to minimize stress on the workflow and to ensure success in the transition.  The conversion will encompasses technology optimization as well as workflow enhancements. 
Control – After the transition Image 2000 will manage the day-to-day operation of the print and copying infrastructure.  Data collection will be ongoing to analyze successes and ways to improve work flow. 
The results will be an ever improving work flow optimization as well as a process with greater efficiency and significant revenue enhancement.
Working with Image 2000 as your MPS partner to continue the success of our service delivery excellence.
At the end of 2015, IDC conducted a survey of large organizations in the U.S. and Western Europe that had carried out successful MPS initiatives.  Respondents had been engaged with their MPS provider for a minimum of three years. 
They asked survey participants what were the most important factors that contributed to the success of their MPS contract during day-to-day management of the engagement.
The top success factors noted by respondents was that their provider consistently met SLAs (40% of respondents).  Not unrelated is that vendors are responsive, providing timely problem resolution (32% of respondents). 
Conversely, problem resolution that took too long was the number one challenge cited by respondents (25%). 
Security was important to respondents, with almost one-third noting that maintaining the security of information and documents was key to the success of the MPS engagement. 
Image 2000 provides the experience with MPS as well as all of the latest software and tools to ensure that:
  1. A quality and comprehensive assessment is done with your organization
  2. The latest in technology and experience is brought to bear on your organization needs
  3. A complete and smooth implementation process is managed by Image
  4. The final product is continuously managed by Image for complete financial optimization
  5. Image will ensure SLA agreements are met, problem resolution is prompt and effective and that document and data security ranks highest in our MPS priorities.

Choosing Image 2000 as your MPS partner can be the best decision for your organizations future data security, fleet optimization, print management and revenue enhancement.  

Please email us here to start a friendly MPS study at no cost to you.

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