I2K Support

I2k Support Ammenment to Description of Service and limitation of liability.


Network and Data Limitation of Liability: Image 2000 includes those services listed above on this agreement. The Customer acknowledges that this Agreement does not cover any software, hardware, network, server or any other functionality maintenance, services or support. The Customer will be billed at Image 2000’s the current service rate for such work. Image 2000 shall not be liable for any service needed on the Customer’s software, hardware, network, or server that is connected, interfaced, or working in conjunction with Equipment. The Customer acknowledges that it is advisable and is its sole responsibility to use virus protection software on all Equipment and back up all data residing on the Equipment and on its network (including both company and third-party data) (“Company Data”) that the Customer deems necessary. In the event any the Customer Data is lost or corrupted, the Customer shall restore such data at its sole expense. The Customer, and not Image 2000, shall be liable for the security, content, storage and use of the Customer’s network and the Customer’s Data. IN NO EVENT WILL IMAGE 2000 BE LIABLE FOR CLAIMS (AS DEFINED HEREIN) AND/OR DAMAGES ARISING FROM THE CUSTOMER’S NETWORK OR THE CUSTOMER’S DATA, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO SECURITY BREACHES TO THE CUSTOMER’S NETWORK OR THE CUSTOMER’S DATA, UNINTENTIONAL OR ACCIDENTAL DISCLOSURE, MISUSE, OR ERASURE OF THE NETWORK OR THE CUSTOMER’S DATA, OR THE COMPANY’S USE OF SUCH NETWORK OR THE CUSTOMER’S DATA. THIS DISCLAIMER IS IN ADDITION TO, AND NOT INSTEAD OF, ANY OTHER DISCLAIMERS AND LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY IN THIS AGREEMENT.


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