I2K Support

Image 2000 is proud to offer an extended network support contract for all your network connected MFP equipment and printers. For a small fee of $9.95 per month per each contracted piece of equipment we will take care of and cover any issues related to the networking of your equipment. Please fill out and submit the following form. Once details are confirmed your extended support will begin immediately. if you have any questions do not hesitate to call 818-781-2200 ext. 240

A description of the I2K Support Service can be found here.

Limitations of the I2K Support Service can be found here.

Addendum to the descritption of I2K Support Service can be found here.

Contact and Company Information:
*First Name
*Last Name
*Email Address
*Company Name (ex. abcd)
*Equipment Location Address (ex. abcd)
*Equipment Location Phone Number: (ex. abcd)
Equipment Information:
*I2k Support monthly fee agreement. $9.95 per month per piece of equipment covered.
*Equipment Serial # or ID Number's. Please list all equipment to be supported.
SN XXXXXXXXX and or ID # EQ12345
*Start Meters. List all ID's and their current BW and or Color meters.
EQ12345 BW 2500 Color 500
*I2K Support Billing Period:
I2K Support Terms and Conditions:
*Acknowledgement of Description of Service:
*Acknowledgement of Limitations of Service
*Acknowledgement of Addendum to Description of Service and Limits of Liability.

*Required Fields

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