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About Us


At Image 2000, we believe that a staunch commitment to enhancing each client's business is best achieved by listening to and supporting their vision. By implementing the latest cost-reduction strategies; advanced work flow processes; and fostering an environment built on trust, our primary aim is to use today's technologies to elevate the future growth and profitability of every client.

In 1991, a shared philosophy about changing the future of Office Technology brought principals, Richard Campbell and Joseph Blatchford together.

Their dominant goal was to become exceptionally core-competent, so that clients could rely on their expertise to decisively cut through the glut of hardware and software solutions that were steadily flooding the marketplace.

Over the past 25 years they have consistently done just that — and our clients are happy to tell you about it.

By leveraging our many software solutions partners, and a diverse, 11-manufacturer product offering, we guarantee that the dollars you spend on Document Management, (and its relevant technologies) will buy the best value in our Industry.

Terms and Conditions of our guarantee are available upon request.

Joe Blatchford


Mr. Blatchford brings 31

years of professional experience to his position as CEO of Image 2000 Inc.

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Richard Campbell



Mr. Campbell is President and co-owner of Image 2000 with 25 years-experience developing one of the largest equipment providers in Southern California. 

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Jeff Rudisel

Executive Vice President

Mr. Rudisel brings 32 years of experience. Having been on the technical, distribution and sales/sales management side of the business. Over those years he rose...

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At Image 2000, we’re only as good as the employees that work for us! Although Image 2000 is one of the fastest growing companies in southern California, we still treat our employees as if we were a small family owned business. We offer competitive benefits and rewards that are unrivaled by anyone else in our industry. So if you want to join our team please contact us at 818-781-2200 or send a message below.


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