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Efficiently scan and distribute large files without unwanted size limitations. 


Product Overview
The more efficiently you can move documents across different locations and complex workflows, the quicker you can act on those documents. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle with managing paper and routing processes. Labor intensive and error prone, these processes can impact the value of information and increase operational costs and compliance risks.

Kyocera's AccuSender business application is a secure and reliable way to send scanned documents to multiple destinations via e-mail. Utilizing either the file split function or YouSendIt�, a leading provider of file transfer and business content services, Kyocera�s AccuSender has a host of robust features, such as e-mail size limits greater than server maximums, delivery confirmation, file password protection, document stamping (including Bates Stamping) and automatic routing. With AccuSender and Hightail your organization is assured that the documents sent to each recipient are received the first time and every time. AccuSender also helps reduce the administrative burden of managing FTP systems, while fostering employee adoption and productivity of an easy to use file transfer solution. In addition, users can elect to e-mail scanned documents without utilizing Hightail providing the scanned document size is within their e-mail server size threshold.

With AccuSender, users can take advantage of quick delivery speed of files; oversee download and tracking status, as well as setting expiration dates on sent files. AccuSender provides users with a fully customizable experience that maximizes worker efficiency across the organization. AccuSender is a trademark of Kyocera. Hightail is a trademark of Hightail, Inc.


  • Benefits
    Scan and e-mail large documents without restrictive e-mail server size limitations
    Password protect files to ensure document security and compliance
    Barcode routing sheets allows processing multiple jobs quickly in one batch
    Document stamping - including Bates stamping - addresses compliance requirements
    Send option allows you to choose between an LDAP lookup, recent e-mail, fax destinations or send to self
    Delivery confirmation ensures receipt of scanned document
    Conveniently add cover pages at the operation panel
    Utilize existing corporate or individual YouSendIt accounts, both Lite and Pro Plus
    Protect critical information through document retention, storage and destruction scheduling

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