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Reduce costs, increase document security and reduce waste for your organization. 


Product Overview

Equitrac Office� print management software helps companies gain control and management of their printing to reduce costs, increase document security and enable sustainability programs.

Through measurement, monitoring and ongoing management of print activity, Equitrac Office provides a way to gain a clear picture of a company�s printing needs and to deploy the proper equipment to meet those needs. It helps employees become more aware of their printing habits, and gives organizations the tools to enforce print policies where necessary, such as routing print jobs to the most cost-effective devices or limiting the amount of color printing.

Nuance Equitrac Office

  • Benefits
    Track print, copy and scan activity company-wide
    Allocate document costs to a department/office
    Set and enforce print/copy quotas to prevent output waste
    Make printing convenient and secure with secure document release
    Redirect print jobs to more cost-effective devices
    Create useful reports

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