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Exchange Connector

  • For businesses that depend on emails and document attachments as part of their daily workflow, Kyocera�s Exchange Connector offers a highly
    productive way to easily transform hardcopy documents into secure Microsoft Exchange message attachments.
    Microsoft Exchange Connector for Kyocera Devices
    Exchange Connector is designed to work with Microsoft Exchange Server, enabling your KYOCERA MFP to function as an extension of your
    email environment. Authenticated users can harness key features available with Microsoft Outlook, including access to contacts and global
    address lists, as well as the ability to set up email fields to make addressing easy.
    Subject line and body message can be entered directly from the MFP to further streamline the process. Each email message created at the MFP
    is addressed from the sender�s email address, instead of an unknown MFP address, helping ensure secure and reliable delivery. A copy of the
    message will be stored in the users� Sent Items folder for confirmation and auditing purposes.
    By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Exchange Server, Kyocera�s Exchange Connector offers you efficient email communication for
    mission critical documents.

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