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wHY IMAGE 2000?

What is Pros Elite?

The national symbol of recognition and distinction in the Office Imaging Industry. Only one dealer in any market is awarded this distinction, and only 100 dealers in the United States and select international markets will earn pros elite status.


What does this mean for you, the customer?

  • The customer can rest assured that they are doing business with the office products company, in their local market, that has been recognized as the most admired for its Service Culture by its customers and by the nation’s Service benchmark execution specialist, PROs.

  • The knowledge that the PROs Elite Dealer agreed to have its level of Service results continuously monitored and audited by the PROs proprietary Performance Improvement Virtual Operations Tool (PIVOT) to insure consistency of Service delivery to their Customers.

  • The knowledge that the PROs Elite Dealer must earn certification through demonstrated service excellence, year after year, to retain this Elite Service status.

  • The customer can have confidence that the performance of the equipment they lease or purchase is at or above reliability standards for the equipment they select.

  • A customer doing business with a PROs Elite 100 Dealer will receive uptime in excess of 95 % that results from the dedication to technician training and Servicing techniques audited by PROs.

  • The customer has the knowledge the PROs Elite company they are doing business with made significant investment in training its Service Management organization and employee base in Elite Service practices.

  • The customer is doing business with a locally owned dealer, with local dispatch, local spare parts support, local warehousing and complete account management capabilities. This combined with their employees’ service expertise and support tools, in the opinion of the Office Products Industry’s Benchmark co-authors, is superior to Manufacturer direct organizations and Mega dealerships.

What makes Image 2000 an Elite Dealer?

  • The Dealer committed to train their Service Management in Advanced Service Management skills.

  • The Dealer trained their Executive team in Customer focused leadership and strategic planning skills.

  • The Dealer trained their whole organization in Elite Customer Relations Management skills

  • The Dealer taught their Sales Reps how to develop customer solutions based on this certification.

  • The Dealer committed to having their Service results audited on an ongoing basis by the PROs Elite team.

  • The Dealer committed to ongoing coaching in the tactics to insure their audited customer results remain at or above the PROs standards.

  • The Dealer annually attends roundtable discussions with other PROs Elite 100 dealers to develop technologies and solutions that resolve strategic issues facing the office imaging customer.

  • The Dealer will earn certification annually to insure that their customers’ ongoing experience is consistent with the services offered by PROs Elite 100 dealers throughout the United States and select international markets.


Excellence in Customer Service Award


From Copystar





Elite Dealer Award 2019

From Copystar


Elite Dealer Award 2018

From ENX Magazine


Hyakuman Kai Award 2018


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