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Image 2000, has become a creative force in the next generation in both premise and cloud-enabled Content Management solutions. This has allowed organizations of all sizes to fully embrace the reality of a paperless office.

Image 2000 is Intensely customer-focused and highly responsive. With Enterprise solutions partners, such as Square 9 Softworks, DocuWare, and FormedAI, Image 2000 delivers effective, value-driven solutions for Advanced Capture Automation, Business Process Automation and Digital Web Forms Management.

  • Capture automation

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Digital Webform

  • Workflow automation

Capture Automation

Streamline the way your business captures business critical information. Easily capture, classify, validate and transform your business documents into usable information that provides insight, drives efficiency, and leads to smarter decision making. By capturing Scans, emails, fax, digital forms, or even raw data, Image 2000 can help your organizations arrange critical business information and put it into motion through automated capture workflows.

Advanced Data Extraction

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Integration with your MFP

Process your documents through several state of the art OCR technologies which “reads” all the predefined index fields based on the document type and extracting data, based on its location within the document.

Increase speed by identifying documents being processed through predefined attributes and apply the correct template for extraction and identification.

Electronic Content Management

Manage content more efficiently by taking document processes digital! Image 2000 offers strategies, methods, technologies, and tools for centrally storing, managing, and sharing all content (paper documents, digital documents, images and audio files, etc.) in an organization. Whether in the cloud or on premise, Enterprise content management software solves everyday business challenges by delivering the tools to capture, retrieve, share, archive and manage your business information when you need it most.

Integration Capabilities

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Security & Auditing

You can integrate with the leading business applications such as QuickBooks®, DropBox®, Salesforce®, Dynamics™ and more.

Granular security provides user-based sign-in access, keeping databases, archives, documents and features enforced, with full visibility into business output.

Digital Web based Forms

Extend document automation with intuitive web forms that eliminate repetitive data entry. While ensuring corporate and governmental compliance, Image 2000 can help organizations easily create company-specific web forms that gather only the relevant data needed, improving the quality of captured information, and allowing for real-time engagement with your audience.

User Friendly Designer

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Create Custom Layouts

With its web-based platform, simply drag and drop form field elements (text boxes, drop downs, images, etc.) on to the design page for easy creation.

Build rules and logic into forms that dynamically change the layout based on selections made, ensuring required data has been provided.

Work Flow automation

Streamline your repetitive daily business routines with document workflow automation! Develop customized document routes that fit your unique business needs, to easily manage and monitor document activities and approval processes.

Web-Based Designer

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Automated Notifications

A graphical presentation of your document makes it easy to create, troubleshoot or revise a workflow activity anytime, from anywhere.

You can send automatic email reminders to users once a day, once an hour or once a minute based on your schedule.

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