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Mr. Rudisel brings 32 years of experience. Having been on the technical, distribution and sales/sales management side of the business. Over those years he rose to the top of each area and helped improve the process, structure to enable others to succeed. A little over 22 of those years were spent working for a major manufacturer. The training provided helped mold the way he ran each of those operations. The last 2 years were spent in the LA market running 3 branches. During that time, he noticed the dealer side of the business and felt a move there would help round off his skills set. In 2007, he joined Image 2000 company as General Manager. The owners felt that his experience would help move their company upward and it did. In 2016, he was promoted to Executive Vice President and given the task to take Image 2000 to the next level. He knows that people make a company and that success comes from having those great people around you.  As we grow, it’s our family of employees that will make that happen.

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