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AccuSender Powered by Biscom

  • Electronic file sharing is common practice among most businesses today. However, many email servers have size restrictions for sending and receiving
    emails, causing loss of employee productivity when sending large hardcopy files and potential delivery failure. KYOCERA�s AccuSender
    powered by Biscom business application effectively addresses this issue by allowing users to scan and send those documents, quickly and
    easily, with no size limitation from their KYOCERA MFP. And it all happens through one intuitive application, using Biscom Secure File Transfe,
    Email, or Fax.
    Organizations in highly regulated industries, such as Legal, Healthcare, Finance, and Government, are all too familiar with the potential costs of
    unsecured documents. Regulatory, contractual, and legal requirements can make sharing documents a worrisome task. AccuSender powered by
    Biscom allows administrators in these industries to feel confident with their file sharing solution by meeting their unique needs, such as:
    FIPS certified at-rest encryption for HIPPA and SOX compliance
    Local court requirements such as Bates Stamping and PDF-A
    User defined ability to control access to confidential documents
    With AccuSender, users can take advantage of quick delivery speed of files, oversee download and tracking status, as well as set expiration
    dates on sent files. AccuSender provides users with a fully customizable experience that maximizes worker efficiency across the organization.

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