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CentraQ Pro

  • Accessing Information Securely and Efficiently
    As a business that depends on the continuous movement of information, managing your enterprise document output is critical to your business�
    success. Controlling costs, optimizing processes, and ensuring secure communications impacts your bottom line, as well as your ability to
    service your customers.
    Yet many organizations have little to no visibility into their document output usage and costs. Kyocera�s CentraQ Pro and CentraQ business
    applications are print optimization solutions that maximize your hardware investment with Kyocera, providing the power and functionality that
    enables businesses to gain control over their data and printing costs.
    CentraQ Pro
    Providing exceptional document control, CentraQ Pro helps administrators control user access and track user and device specific print, copy,
    scan and fax usage across integrated KYOCERA MFPs and printers. With CentraQ Pros tracking and reporting capabilities, administrators and
    department heads can assess device usage to identify high cost areas and gain insight into expenses associated with specific projects.
    Administrators can choose to restrict access to print, copy, scan and fax functions to better manage their fleet, reduce costs and improve
    productivity. In addition, the application�s secure print job release capability ensures confidentiality of documents sent to any device on thenetwork.

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