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Docuware Connector

  • DocuWare Integration Made Simple
    Companies know the importance of access to information. Document management systems, such as DocuWare�, offer users many key
    benefits, including document archiving and retrieval, collaboration, and automated workflows; however, the information stored in a document
    management system is most useful when it is easily accessible. That is why it is so important for organizations to control the way information
    is stored from the onset. The solutions that deliver the best ROI are ones that provide this information access and control efficiently without
    infringing on employee productivity.
    For organizations using or considering the DocuWare enterprise content management system, KYOCERA�s DocuWare Connector offers unprecedented
    integration with DocuWare through KYOCERA MFPs and multi, functional printers by connecting to both the on-premise and cloud
    version of DocuWare. Hardcopy documents can be securely scanned and sent to DocuWare from any connected KYOCERA MFP for processing,
    archiving or sharing; archived documents can be quickly located and printed on-demand from the workstation.
    Offering unique features, such as: card authentication, Single Sign-On*, intelligent file size recognition, priority display of DocuWare Store Dialogs,
    index field descriptions and many more, KYOCERA�s DocuWare Connector provides users real-time access to their DocuWare Web Basket
    and all of their cabinets, so they always have the most up to date options for processing their documents!

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