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Drivve | Image turns your HyPAS-enabled MFP into an exceptionally integrative workflow engine. 

Product Overview

Drivve has tapped Kyocera�s HyPAS technology to bring its powerful suite of imaging tools to the entire lineup of Kyocera MFPs. The Drivve | Image Kyocera Edition combines feature-rich modules with an exceptionally user-friendly interface to offer superior information sharing and improved document workflows

With its enhancement features, deep integration capabilities, and exceptional ease-of-use, Drivve | Image makes it easy for Kyocera users to customize and optimize their network scanning, processing, and distribution in full security. Get multiple image-processing powers such as intelligent filename generation and advanced image cleaning for premium-quality scans, email blasting, fax broadcasting, OCR capability, bar code recognition, digital rights management, and more. With Drivve | Image�s intuitive and elegant user interface providing the ultimate user experience, your scanning tasks are made fast, efficient, and even fun. For those users who implement Drivve | Image together with Drivve | DM, Drivve seamlessly delivers a complete HyPAS-enabled document ecosystem to your Kyocera MFP touch screen.


  • Benefits

    Easy to use, no training required
    Integrates to the control panel of your HyPAS-enabled MFP
    Automates paper based processes
    Saves time and money
    Personalized scan profiles
    Removes to need for data entry at the MFP
    Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and a whole host of other business applications
    Scan to the Cloud
    Supports industry standard barcode fonts
    Batch scanning capabilities
    Streamline accounts payable processes
    Bates stamping support for legal firms
    Available on all HyPAS-enabled Kyocera MFPs

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