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Fax enabled HyPAS MFPs without MFP fax hardware or fax telephone line � it's small business affordable and enterprise scalable. 

Product Overview

The GoldFax� Connector for Kyocera HyPAS-enabled MFPs and enterprise fax server provides a secure fax solution that is lower cost compared to conventional faxing, improves productivity, and helps organizations meet industry regulatory compliance including HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Freedom of Information, and FERPA. GoldFax is affordable by small businesses and full featured and scalable for enterprise organizations.

Fax-enable all Kyocera HyPAS capable MFPs without added cost of MFP fax hardware or need to connect a fax line to Kyocera MFPs. Eliminate costly Analog Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) fax lines ($25 - $100/month). Replace fax lines with inexpensive Direct Inward Dial (DID) fax numbers (approximately $.25/month) and automatically route received faxes to assigned users email. GoldFax pays for itself with these immediate cost savings.

Fax digital documents from your Microsoft� Windows� and Apple� Mac� computers and mobile devices. Control access to faxes including required or optional authentication (User Name and Password) at computer and Kyocera MFP Touch Screen. GoldFax also supports �single sign on� at Kyocera MFPs with Kyocera AccessLock and RFIdeas Card Readers. Enforce standards with fax cover sheets automatically generated for all sent faxes and auto filled with user contact information. Avoid fax document violations with GoldFax Blocked Fax Numbers and limit access to authorized fax phonebooks � customizable for each Kyocera MFP and based upon user login. Reproduce ALL received and sent faxes � user and organizational access control.

GoldFax integrates with any telephone environment, any email, and any document and content management system. Telephone connectivity solutions include Analog, DID, BRI, Digital T1/PRI and E1/PRI, Media Gateways, Fax over IP, and the latest GoldFax Cloud hosted fax telephone service. GoldFax supports �virtual machine� deployments (VMware�, Hyper-V�, Citrix Xen�) and thin client environments (Terminal Services, Citrix�). GoldFax - the fax solution for healthcare, finance, government, legal, education, and other industries.


  • Benefits

    Fax enable Kyocera HyPAS MFPs without MFP fax option or MFP fax telephone line
    GoldFax Cloud � hosted fax service option, only need Internet connection
    �Single Sign On� with Kyocera AccessLock and RFIdeas Card Reader
    Easy to use - customizable touch screen interface (per MFP and based upon user login)
    Compliance � automatically archives copy of all sent and received faxes
    Reduce costs � eliminate Analog Plain Old Tel System (POTS) fax lines 
    Personal fax numbers � integrates with Direct Inward Dial (DID) tel systems
    Personal fax numbers � integrates with Direct Inward Dial (DID) tel systems
    Control � limit access to approved Fax Phonebook (per MFP location or login)
    Violation Prevention � prevent faxing to �blocked fax numbers�
    Integration � with any telephone system, any email, any document management system

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