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Product Overview

Versatile cash vending and payment solutions are paramount for running many businesses. The ability to support a broad range of customer requirements � from libraries to education to retail is critical when seeking out a payment solutions vendor.

The Jamex NetPad Touch is a touch screen authorization and payment terminal. Intuitive in both appearance and navigation, the NetPad Touch for Credit Card is similar to retail credit card terminals. It accommodates customers not wishing to carry cash and significantly reduces staff involvement as a self-service point of sale. For the administrator, the NetPad Touch simplifies accounting tasks and streamlines copy workflow. The NetPad Touch can alternatively be configured to work with your database to recognize and account for transactions by users. Tracking and reporting all copy and print activity, the NetPad serves as a point of access as well as a print release terminal. In addition to individual usage, the NetPad Touch can allow multiple users to share departmental or group accounts.

The Jamex 6500 Cash Payment Series provides self-service access control to your photocopier, printer, or computer and supports a variety of customizable features. All models accept any combination of nickels, dimes, quarters, and $1 coins, with self-replenishing change capacity ranging from $34 to $100. The scrolling display provides user instructions and available credit balance for customers. Administrators can access reconciliation data and modify settings as needed. With the 6557B Cash Payment solution, you have the ability to accept bills and coins � as well as an attached base for stability. Add a stored-value card reader to the 6500 Cash Payment Series to increase customer loyalty and provide an additional method of payment. The 6500 Cash Payment Series can also be configured to control printing via Jamex PC Interface (JPC) and supports print management software. Since 1981, Jamex has delivered high-quality vending and control solutions to the document imaging industry, and is recognized as the industry leader in product reliability and quality customer service.


  • Benefits


    Unmatched two-year warranty, with overnight shipment at no charge
    Utilizes PaperCut MF for account-based tracking activities (NetPad Touch)
    SSL-based credit card process (NetPad Touch)
    Supports the integration of credit card payment through NetPad Touch (6500 Series)
    Includes bypass key for service/staff copies (6500 Series)
    Accepts coins and bills and adapts for most major currencies with optional international coin and bill acceptors (6500 Series)
    Multiple mounting options


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