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Single interface print driver designed to simplify the user experience when it comes to finishing their printed output. 

Product Overview

We are all accustomed to printing directly from our desktop - selecting File, then Print. With Kyocera�s KX Driver, it�s just as easy to enhance your document output as it is to send a job to print. The KX Driver is filled with features so you can do more than just print. With your KX Driver you can specify the number of sets, required paper handling, duplex, EcoPrint, and stapling for enhanced productivity in the office�and professionally finished document output that will impress.

The KX Driver for Windows� environments was the industry�s first �single interface� print driver. This innovative design offers the same basic look and feel to the user regardless of the Windows operating system (OS) they use, the PDL they select, or Kyocera device being used. This strategy of delivering a single interface driver enables users to have a more thorough understanding of the features available, minimizes user error, reduces issues resulting from customer OS upgrades, and simplifies management by IT.

Kyocera KX Driver

  • Benefits


    Instant access to commonly used print features � easily select paper types and sources, page orientation, number of copies, duplexing, EcoPrint, applicable finishing features, etc.
    Requires only a single install for users who require PCL and PostScript PDLs
    Job storage for secure on-demand printing and private print enhances security and user control
    Preview jobs with multiple finishing attributes prior to printing
    Improve color accuracy and better replicate corporate logos with advanced color settings
    Deter unauthorized copying though inserting a Security Watermark
    Supports Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
    Available on all Kyocera MFPs and printers

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