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Product Overview

Operating a KYOCERA multifunctional product is easy. However, if you cannot read the control panel�s language, it can become a barrier to perform required operations. Kyocera�s Language Exchange business application eliminates that barrier by allowing you to switch the KYOCERA MFP control panel language with one click. Users in multi-lingual environments can now operate an MFP�s control panel in their native language. Supporting French Canadian, Spanish, and Portuguese, the app allows users to choose their native language with a single touch, simplifying device operations in a user�s desired language. The device will automatically revert to the default language when a user logs out or the device returns to sleep mode.

Language Exchange

  • Benefits

    Tear down the language barrier between your staff and your MFPs
    Switch between languages set on the device with one click
    No training necessary � operation is fast, easy and intuitive
    Ideal for companies with multi-lingual or multi-national staff
    Ensure that staff understand the MFP control panel operation text

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