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Customizable document management application to satisfy complex business processes. 


Product Overview

All organizations need to move information from person to person and place to place in order to complete daily tasks. The need to get vast amounts of information to knowledge workers quickly and efficiently is essential to the success of any organization. Using MaxxVault Enterprise your documents and data are stored in a robust Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) and are available instantly from your desktop, via the web or from within your line of business applications.

MaxxVault provides scalable electronic document management solutions to organizations of any size, across many industries, helping to reduce costs and improve productivity. The application automates the process of moving documents quickly and efficiently to anyone in your organization for review, analysis, processing or approval. With MaxxVault managing your document flow there are no lost or misplaced files and workers are notified via email as soon as new tasks are assigned.

MaxxVault Enterprise captures documents from a variety of sources � scanner, MFP, email, line of business application, etc. into a central library. The application then securely organizes documents based on index criteria, resulting in easy searches rather than fumbling through complex folder trees. Document access and activity throughout the entire application is tracked. This in-depth auditing capability, coupled with rules for retention and destruction, helps ensure your organization is compliant with regulatory requirements.

MaxxVault is committed to assisting organizations with streamlining their document processes, optimizing productivity and competitiveness by providing cost effective enterprise document management solutions that eliminate manual processes prone to human error.


  • Benefits

    Improve document workflow efficiency and regulatory compliance capabilities
    Ensure business continuity and disaster recovery mandates are being met
    Accelerate internal procedures with document routing, annotation, workflow and version control features
    Simplify the capture and processing of incoming paper, emails and electronic files with full text OCR capabilities
    Seamless integration with line of business applications
    Full indexing and taxonomy tools for fast document retrieval
    Create, index, distribute and store documents on the fly with COLD/ERM functionality
    Protect critical information through document retention, storage and destruction scheduling

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