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Capture, Process and Route Paper and Electronic Documents Into Your Business Workflow. 



Product Overview

Capture And Route Documents From Any Source
Document workflow is constantly evolving and at times, can be complicated. Documents route through a number of individuals/departments, in various formats and may be distributed to countless locations. Automating your document workflow into a simple and easy-to-use process can be a challenge. However, it doesn�t have to be if you have deployed AutoStore, a server-based application designed to improve your organization�s capture, process and routing of paper and electronic documents.

AutoStore 6
AutoStore captures documents from virtually any source � from an MFP, network scanner, desktop PC or smartphone. Once documents are captured they can be processed with the application�s powerful capabilities � De-speckling, De-skewing and barcode reading are just a few of the tools available. These cleaned-up, digitized documents can be converted into a variety of formats, such as text searchable PDFs or Microsoft� Office� documents. AutoStore will then route to virtually any destination: fax, email, network folders, PCs, as well as many leading document management systems. Your information is directed where you want it � quickly and accurately. AutoStore, used in conjunction with Kyocera MFPs, transforms the MFP touch screen control panel into a feature-rich user interface. This familiar touch screen allows you to unleash robust document workflow capabilities including user authentication, interface customization, enhanced database querying and added security.

AutoStore Express 6
AutoStore Express is a simplified document capture workflow solution designed for small to medium sized business to effectively capture, process and route critical business documents. AutoStore Express integrates with Kyocera MFPs allowing you to capture documents, index and perform OCR for full text search capabilities directly from the MFP, and route to specified locations. Regardless of the size of your business, AutoStore and AutoStore Express can transition labor intensive, chaotic and costly document workflow into an integrated, streamlined asset of your organization.

NSi AutoStore

  • Benefits

    Streamline business processes in document intensive environments
    Improve productivity by eliminating manual processes, reducing human error and automating workflows
    Reduce operating costs associated with manual storage, faxes and mailing fees
    Automate audit trails and tracking of compliance information for OSHA, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and EEOC regulatory initiatives
    Increase administrative efficiency and control with centrally managed workflows
    Enhance document quality and convert images into multiple file
    Provide instant access to information

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