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  • Safeguarding Data When Networks Go Down
    Schools. Hospitals. Law firms. Every organization has documents it can�t afford to lose. That�s why Kyocera created PreservDOX�. If events
    occur that force your network resources to go down, this powerful business application provides you with an additional layer of protection that
    goes beyond conventional backup routines.
    Critical documents can be saved to a designated synced folder at your PC and automatically routed to your predefined Kyocera HyPAS�-enabled
    MFP for safe keeping and immediate access. To protect confidentiality of the routed files, PIN codes are assigned to each folder � eliminating
    unauthorized access to the data. In addition, PreservDOX� can provide your administrators with status information on when the last
    update was sent, as well as cloning capability for them to disburse application settings across multiple devices.
    PreservDox Is a Complete Recovery Solution
    Business continuity solutions do not address the period of time an organization is most vulnerable: the critical gap between a server going
    down and network operations being restored. Kyocera�s PreservDOX� offers flexibility that aligns with your business needs � allowing you to
    minimize downtime, maintain staff productivity and adhere to regulatory requirements.
    PreservDOX� is intended to supplement recovery protocols that your organization undertakes and can be part of a complete recovery strategy
    for your business. PreservDOX� is limited to providing your organization access to PDF documents that have been saved within the application,
    prior to any interruption.

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