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The trusted solution for cost effective and secure office printing


Product Overview

Ringdale�s FollowMe�, a complete document output management solution, helps organizations reduce printing costs, optimize the efficiency of printing environments and protect valuable business information. Highly scalable, FollowMe will grow with your business, delivering continuous improvement in document workflow productivity, essential when competing within this tough economic climate.

Waste from documents, left uncollected at the printer can equate to a considerable percentage of all printing. FollowMe quickly reduces unnecessary printing by requiring users to authenticate at the printer to release print jobs. It also provides policy controls, enabling organizations to minimize printing costs and waste, by rolling-out enterprise-wide printing policies such as allowing color printing only when authorized by an administrator.

FollowMe reduces the time required to manage printing environments by centralizing the control of print fleets across multiple sites and providing intuitive maintenance tools which simplify administrative tasks.

Workforce productivity, central to the performance of any organization is enhanced with FollowMe�s secure, flexible printing technology, which enables users to travel and print securely when and where needed. With data breaches and regulatory pressure increasing, there are significant risks if the printing environment is not secure. FollowMe protects valuable data by preventing confidential documents from ending up in the wrong hands. With FollowMe, remote workers can print from any location, and if a printer should fail, workforce productivity is not disrupted.

Since 1997, FollowMe�s easy-to-use tracking and reporting tool has provided organizations transparency on how much each department, user and device is costing the organization � enabling finance managers to assign realistic budgets or recover costs from departments, users or clients.


Ringdale FollowMe

  • Benefits

    Minimize printed waste with FollowMe printing
    Reduce printing costs with print policy enforcement
    Save time and resources administrating the print environment
    Protect valuable data with secure document release from any location
    Restrict device access to authorized personnel
    Reduce the environmental impact of printing by encouraging users to make responsible print choices
    Scalable to support any infrastructure, small or large

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