RISO, a world leader in the development of digital printing technology, now expands your organization's collating options with the TC5100 Collator. 

TC5100 Collator (Riso)

  • Tackle your high-volume, multi-page collating jobs! 
    Featuring a small footprint and quiet operation  the TC5100 is suitable for virtually any environment.

    • Fast 
      Operating at speeds of up to 3,600 sets per hour, the TC5100 has three variable speed settings that allow for optimum paper handling performance.
    • Versatile 
      The TC5100 handles a wide range of paper sizes and weights quickly and easily. The TC5100's error detection system informs the user of mishandled paper. The TC5100 also allows the user to adjust individual bins to suit the type of paper being used.
    • Reliable 
      The TC5100's quiet operation and compact design make it suitable for virtually any working environment. It's high-speed and high-productivity make it an ideal choice for meeting high-volume needs. Available in single or twin tower configurations, the TC5100 lets you design a system to meet your specific production needs.
    • Easy 
      The TC5100 is equipped with a simple, easy-to-use control panel. Clearly marked settings allow for set-up at the touch of a button. The numeric keypad makes it easy to select set quantity, inserting and grouping options. 
    • Powerful 
      This feature-rich collator allows for preset counts, tab-insertion, grouping, variable speed selection, and straight and swing stacking modes. Continual and double collation can be achieved through the TC5100's semi-active control mode feature.
    • Affordable 
      With all the speed, features and flexibility provided by the TC5100, it is amazingly affordable.


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