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How the Experts at Image 2000 can Help Optimize Your Business with the Best Products For You

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

When buying new devices for your workplace, you should consider consulting technology experts. It’s a crucial step that shouldn’t be overlooked! Buying technology is a major investment and devices will be used by your team for years to come. Costlier devices, like your office printer, will be needed by most of your team to complete important tasks, meaning a lack of durability and proper equipment can be extremely costly in the long run. Picking the wrong device could mean that you’ll have to replace technology sooner than you’d like to, or even have to replace it all together.

With the convenience of online shopping, people are inclined to skip the two steps that are most important: research and consulting with experts. Here at Image 2000, we believe that taking that extra minute to check in with an expert can save you both time and money! Office life is busy, and you might feel like you don’t have time to reach out for more information or to look into each feature of your future device. We want to help!

Here are three ways the experts at Image 2000 can help you make the right office purchases, for sustained results.

Get the Right Technology the First Time Around:

Online shopping has never been more convenient, so much so that often the choices can feel endless, and sorting through each one properly, a major headache. What we have seen is that people who are in a rush can often buy the wrong product. They will see a device with a lower price tag or one that’s on sale and think that it’s the perfect one. The more money you can save the better, right? But there are a few problems there. Without researching your device first or consulting with an expert, you could end up with technology that won’t meet the needs of you or your team.

Printers are a great example of this. People go online and find a printer that has Wi-Fi and can print fast. What they fail to look into, however, are all the other important specs. You could end up purchasing a device that has a lower ticket price on the machine itself, but which has costlier supplies. Or you could buy a printer that has Wi-Fi connectivity, but no mobile printing options for your phone, which can halt the productivity for hybrid teams.

Buying a device without first asking an expert for their opinion could mean you’ll be stuck with technology that can’t meet your needs. Reaching out to an expert will keep this from happening, and your team will be much happier having the perfect device the first time around!

Keep Up to Date on the Latest in Technological Advancements:

Experts have the inside scoop on all the latest advancements in technology and new models that are soon to be released. Every year, companies update their tech to include the most innovative and helpful features. With each seemingly small change, these newer devices become better and better over time. Even if you were to do all the research you could online, there are things that only the experts will know about––like the upcoming release of new technology!

By contacting technology professionals before purchasing, you can guarantee that you’ll hear about any new devices set to release that will work better for you. This is especially helpful for teams that have adopted hybrid workflows.

63% of respondents in one survey said that they’re updating conference room technology to accommodate hybrid work (IT World Canada). Another study found that 96% of respondents said that they require intelligent workplace technology to improve their work environments (IR). Many of the latest devices are now meeting these needs for hybrid workers, including adding stronger security features and incorporating more cloud functionalities.

If you were to buy a device without consulting a technology expert first, you could end up missing out on these helpful features. You could also experience buyer’s regrets, as you’ll have a device that’s one generation (or more!) behind, meaning your new investment is already quickly becoming outdated. To make matters worse, outdated technology is a security liability. Cybercriminals will have an easier time stealing your data, since your older device won’t have the necessary defenses in place to protect itself.

Save Time and Money

Setting aside time to consult with a technology expert before buying online will save you time. That’s right! It might sound counterintuitive, but taking that extra step will save you more time. Experts speak with clients daily and learn more about the needs of businesses like yours as a result. One example is small-to-medium businesses.

Did you know that small-to-medium businesses are almost just as likely to be targeted by cybercriminals as large corporations? 43% of cyberattacks happen to small-to-medium businesses (ThriveDX). Lots of SMBs think that they’re safer than big corporations, but that isn’t true. This mindset could lead them to buying a less secure device. Experts will know that this isn’t safe. They will instead pair you with more secure equipment, ensuring your data will stay safe.

The right device can help your team thrive, while the wrong one can spell out disaster for productivity. Consulting with experts will save you time and money by:

· Reducing the need for research

· Pairing you with devices that will boost productivity

· Equipping your team with devices that are low maintenance

· Ensuring there are no “hidden fees” that could cost you more long-term (such as costly supplies)

Consulting with technology experts means getting it right the first time around! You deserve to be happy with the devices in your office, and to feel confident that they can support you and your team as you work and grow. Our team of specialists at Image 2000 are happy to consult with you and to match you with the best technology. Reach out today to discuss your technology needs!

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