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The Top Four Reasons You Should Be Buying Office Products Online

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

Shopping for your office products and supplies online is now easier than ever! Image 2000 has a brand-new e-commerce store, which means buying products is now as simple as point, click, and buy. Our team is happy to introduce this new feature to our customers, as we know that there are many benefits to buying online. Your time is valuable, and as managers and technicians stay busy on the job, we added this feature to shorten your wait times while still providing you all the information necessary to make informed decisions about the best office products for your business.

Not sure about the pros of online shopping? We have a list of four great reasons to shop online.

1: Special Pricing

Did you know that by signing up for an online account with our store you could receive special pricing? Long-time customers and new customers alike can benefit from special pricing, offers, and discounts when they have an account. Our sales team can create unique deals and plans catered to your business, offering you the best prices on the latest technology.

According to one study, nearly 55% of U.S. consumers prefer online shopping (Raydiant, 2022). And for good reason too! Statista found that 37% of those polled liked having the option to price compare (Statista, 2023), as online stores often offered better pricing for customers that differ from other leading brands. Having the option to view offers and special pricing will help your team select the most economical choice, while also comparing the various features and functionalities of each product all in one place.

2: Save Time

With online shopping, your team can save tons of time because everything that you need can be found in one place! Looking for supplies for your printer? Use our search function to look up your printer’s make or model and instantly find the correct supplies. Want to upgrade your devices? You can now compare and contrast technology side by side to see the similarities and differences. Not only that, but by signing up for an online account you will also save time in the future.

Having your own account lets you favorite products, making it faster to locate them when you’re ready to make a purchase. You will also be able to see special pricing, as we mentioned earlier, and receive quotes from our sales team.

Be sure to save your shipping and billing information to make the process even faster!

3: Convenience

A huge setback when it comes to buying new technology and office supplies offline is dealing with varying hours of operation. You might only have a limited window of time when you can call to make purchases, and if the sales representative is unavailable or the business’s hours of operation differ from yours, this can make it challenging to get the products you need. Opposite to this is online shopping, which by comparison is much more convenient.

Our online store is available for customers to use 24/7, meaning you can browse through products, buy new devices, and stock up on supplies when it’s most convenient for you. You also won’t have to worry about not reaching a sales representative or being put in a queue.

4: More Variety

Did you know that 74% of shoppers now search online before visiting in-person stores (Fit Small Business, 2023)? That’s because many online stores carry more options than brick and mortar stores do. There are some special promotions and deals that are exclusive to online stores, meaning you have more variety and greater options when you shop online. Our store, for example, has a promotions page that shows several options for products that are currently being sold at special prices.

Our new online store has a wide range of products and supplies for you to choose from, including:

· Printers

· Copiers

· Notebooks

· Monitors

· Scanners

· Keyboards

· Desktop Computers

· Ink

· Toner

Having all this variety means that you can use our online store as your “one-stop shop” and not worry about splitting up orders between two separate stores.

Not only that, but the variety online means that your team can make more informed decisions before finalizing your purchases. Looking for a new printer but wanting to compare the functionalities of each one before buying? You can now see the exact details on each product’s data sheet online.

There is also a “features” section on each product in our online store that show a few of the most asked about features, such as functions and connectivity. By browsing online, you’ll have access to all the data and relevant information you need to find the right product.

Our online store has everything you need to equip your team for success. Start browsing today!

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